Psychological Evaluations

Adult Psychological

Are you interested in learning more about your mental health, emotional functioning, cognitive abilities, or personality? Have you been asked to complete a Psychological Evaluation for work, school, or before a medical procedure? Are you concerned about a loved one's memory as they age? I customize and conduct Psychological Evaluations and  Neuropsychological Screenings that can answer a diverse set of questions, and I then develop  treatment recommendations to help you start on the road to becoming a better version of you, at any stage of your life.

Youth Psychological

At times, parents and guardians desire psychological or behavioral assessment for their child or teen. This may be aimed at assisting their child in overcoming a particular life stressor, understanding and improving a child's behavior or communication, identifying potential developmental concerns, or identifying a child's strengths to help them through the ups and downs of growing up. I conduct Psychological and Developmental Disability Evaluations for children and adolescents.


How your child is placed in classes or how he or she performs in school may be an area of concern for you. I have experience in conducting intelligence testing for children and adolescents (sometimes called “gifted testing”), as well as evaluating for conditions such as Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. I can provide treatment recommendations, as well as write reports for school administrators to use in classroom/program placement.

Forensic Evaluations


I have developed a specialty in the area of Forensic Psychology, or what we call "the intersection of psychology and the law." My extensive study, training, and experience in this area helps me serve individuals and professionals involved in criminal, civil, family, dependency, and specialty courts. I am available to conduct the following types of evaluations for forensic/legal purposes:

Psychological Evaluations

     (including Battered Woman Syndrome and the impact of trauma on state of mind)

Intelligence Testing

Neuropsychological Screening

Substance Abuse Evaluations

Parental Fitness Evaluations

Sanity Evaluations

Competency Evaluations

Psychological Disability Evaluations

Psychological Personal Injury Evaluations

Immigration Evaluations

I am also able to travel to different states to provide these evaluations, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re not located in Florida. I am also available to provide expert witness testimony in legal cases, as well as psychological and psycholegal consultation to attorneys. If you believe you or your client may be in need of a forensic evaluation such as the ones listed above, please contact me so I can provide a free initial consultation regarding your case. With a little bit of background information, I will be able to determine what psychological and legal questions my evaluations will be able to answer, so you can decide if this is the best course of action for you. 

Forensic Psychology is often described as "the intersection of psychology and the law."

Forensic Psychology is often described as "the intersection of psychology and the law."

Testing Fees and Payment Options

The cost of Psychological Evaluations (whether clinical or forensic) can vary depending on the type of evaluation you need and how extensive “the question” is that you’d like me to answer. Some evaluations take longer than others, while some are faster or simpler. If you call me for a free initial consultation, I can provide an estimated cost of the evaluation and will explain how the payment process works. 

For assessment services, I accept all major credit cards, debit cards, HSA and FSA cards, wire transfers, and cash.

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