Dr. Akl is a Psychologist in Miami, Florida.

Welcome! My name is Dr. Stephanie Akl and I am a Psychologist in Miami, Florida. I provide therapy for a variety of personal needs, with special emphasis on treating anxiety, depression, and the effects of trauma.  My primary focus as a therapist is to help you heal, grow, and become the best version of you. I  believe in providing you with a safe, accepting atmosphere to achieve these changes, and I will be with you every step of the way. Life can be stressful enough…visiting a mental health professional to help get through it shouldn’t be! That’s why my approach is to start where you are, focus where you want to, and go at your pace.

In addition to providing therapy, I also specialize in psychological testing (also called “psychological evaluations”). I provide a wide variety of psychological evaluations and forensic evaluations, and I am able to travel for these depending on your needs. There is much more information on both my therapy and evaluation services throughout this website, so feel free to look around. Or, if you’re short on time or know exactly what you need, call or e-mail me today to schedule your free initial consultation to discuss your needs!

More About Dr. Akl

Services Offered

I offer the following services for adults, adolescents, and children:

  • Individual Therapy (for anxiety, depression, grief & loss, relationship difficulties, and personal growth, among others)
  • Trauma Therapy (for overcoming the impacts of witnessing or experiencing violence, abuse, or other traumatic experiences)
  • Anger Management
  • Communication Skills Training
  • Parent Education Training
  • Family Therapy
  • Psychological, Educational, and Forensic Evaluations

All you need to get started with teletherapy is a laptop or smart phone and an internet connection.

Online Therapy / Teletherapy

I am excited to announce that I am now offering Online Therapy / Teletherapy sessions for adults who need more flexible scheduling or who live in other parts of Florida. This is an exciting new way to connect clients and therapists, and can make scheduling much easier! My current clients who use the service tell me they’re very happy with it. If you’re interested, we could even schedule our free consultation by video instead of just by telephone—that would give you the chance to check it out for yourself! 

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Send a message here or call (305) 714-2202. 

If you are interested in details or fee schedules for Clinical and Forensic Psychological Evaluations, please send an inquiry here or call me for more information.

Dr. Akl's South Miami Office

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Please know that an appointment is required. As much as I love having visitors in my office, my clients' privacy is important to them and to me! Please contact me prior to stopping by.